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VOICE uses a new approach where artists take the lead, bringing together different groups to solve environmental problems in their area. They work together to create green and digital solutions, making the ecosystem stronger and more resilient.
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News & Events / First meeting for Interaction Seeds and VOICE
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First meeting for Interaction Seeds and VOICE

VOICE Update

On May 28th, the cluster projects Interaction Seeds and VOICE conducted their first online meeting. The primary objectives were to introduce themselves, gain a deeper understanding of both projects, and identify potential connections for further collaboration.

In the meeting Interaction Seeds coordinator, St├ęphanie PETIT from Dowel innovation, and VOICE coordinator, Marta Coto from INOVA+, shared a presentation explaining each project and its objectives. Each presentation was followed up with Q&A sessions from both project teams where many differences but a lot of connections, too, have been found. This will help both projects in upgrading their outputs and having an overall more successful approaches even before projects end.

Both project teams hope to establish successful collaboration during the project to enhance impact on ecology and sustainability goals, and to empower engagement of as many citizens possible.

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Interaction Seeds


First meeting for Interaction Seeds and VOICE