Encouraging Citizen
Engagement Using
Artist-Led Innovation
VOICE uses a new approach where artists take the lead, bringing together different groups to solve environmental problems in their area. They work together to create green and digital solutions, making the ecosystem stronger and more resilient.
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VOICE helps communities around the world work together to solve important environmental problems and make sure the planet stays healthy. We do this by including everyone, listening to different viewpoints, and making real changes happen.

VOICE wants to create a system where everyone's ideas are heard, knowledge is shared, and big changes are made, leading to a fairer and more sustainable future for everyone.


VOICE is focused on using an ‘artist-driven’ approach and Art-Technology-Society Interactions (ATSI) to bring people together to solve environmental problems. We believe in including everyone in the process and using a method called Inclusive Design.

VOICE’s mission is to inspire both ordinary people and industries to think creatively and differently about sustainability issues.

Generate Knowledge Together
Empower Engagement
Promote the Use of Critical Approaches
Depart from Traditional Solutions
Spark Meaningful Change
Reshape the Future of Enviromental Sustainability

Art-Technology-Society Interactions (ATSI) are all about how art, technology, and society come together and interact with each other. Within the VOICE project, ATSI is a way for people to talk, share knowledge, and work together. Artists, tech experts, and citizen can use their unique skills to tackle complex issues like the environment and making society better.

Here’s what each part means:

Art: Refers to creative expression using various forms such as visual arts, performing arts, literature, music, and more. Artists may use this interactions (visual installations, performances, digital media or any other form) to engage talk about important societal issues or share ideas and messages.

Technology: Technology describes the tools, techniques, and systems we use to fix problems or get things done. In the context of ATSI, technology can be anything from traditional tools to cutting-edge digital innovations, including but not limited to software, hardware, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and internet-connected devices.

Society: This means all of us together - our culture, values, beliefs, social structures, power dynamics and how we live together. In ATSI, we think about how society affects art and technology, and the opposite.

The ATSI concept is about how these three parts connect and change each other. It’s a way to see how art, technology and society can make the world a better place by developing news ideas through wider cultural engagement.

1 January 2024
30 months
1.3 mil EUR